You’ve seen the acronym EDC all over the place, but what’s it all really about? From common items associated with beginner and seasoned EDC packs, to having a lineup for different occasions, we’re about to break it all open.

The Basics

Everyday carry is exactly what it sounds like - items you don’t leave the house without, that you carry to work (when appropriate), out to the movies, or even just running errands in town. Depending on your career moves and interests/hobbies, you’re going to run into different EDC packs. They don’t have to be one-size-fits-all; the beauty about EDC is contouring it to meetyourdaily needs.

Your EDC pack is likely to be contained in a small, easy carry bag that slips into your pocket. When a manufacturer creates products that are commonly associated with, or even marketed as everyday carry, they’re expected to fit a certain size criteria.

Apart from that, it’s also about minimizing space, while maximizing potential. One common item you’ll see are multitools; ten-in-one items to create the best possible potential for success for whatever you’re doing (survival situation,emergencies, etc.)

Common Items Found in EDC Kits

Let’s break down the standard items you’re going to find in most premade EDC kits, and beginner items to help you formulate your own needs.

***Tactical Flashlight -***One of the most beloved items on anyone’s shortlist is a tactical flashlight. Built to withstand the muck and the mud, crushing and crashing, and in most cases, act as a multitool, or possess a sharpened bezel for survival andself-defense scenarios. These should always be on your list.

***Flip Knife -*Also known as a folding knife, or general use pocketEDC knife. If you have to whip out your EDC kit in an emergency scenario, there’salwaysa use for a blade (we can think of a dozen right off rip).

***Multitool -***Sometimes they have blades built right in, or a pry bar, or screwdriver - the thing is, your multitool should fit your specific needs, and dually be ready for scenarios you wouldn’t normally be in. Multitools are excellent to escape toppled cars, cut seatbelts, and othersurvival scenariospecifics.

***Swiss Army Knife -***Blend a multitool and reliable blade withSwiss engineering, and what do you get? The ultimate tool, carried by hundreds of millions of people for over a hundred years. The genuine Swiss Army Knife can be a life or death tool, and a real space saver in your EDC kit.

***Paracord Bracelets -***Paracord is perhaps one of the world’s most useful materials to ever exist. Comprised of various components,paracord survival braceletscan be deployed for dozens (or hundreds) of feet of use, and come equipped withcompasses,firestarters, scrapers, the list goes on and on.

You’re already carrying a bunch of EDC without knowing it - you wouldn’t go anywherewithout your wallet, perhaps your watch, and definitelyyour keys. When you think about it, you’re already apart of the EDC nation, you just need specific items to really round it out.

Carrying Cases Matter

You’re not just going to carry a bunch of knives,power banks,pensand whatnot in your pocket, jungling around like loose change. You need a quality case to protect yourself,organize your items, and handle the day with finesse.

Having the right case is a matter of reliance; if you’re just carrying around EDC for show, you’re going to look like that guy at the mall who’s randomly playing with a knife: like a weirdo. If you’re serious about getting EDC that works for you, you need to properly store it whether it’s in your pocket, or it’s sitting at home on a shelf.

An alternative, if you’re going with simple items (tactical pen, mini LED torch), is to get aquality pocket organizerto throw intoyour laptop bag,backpack, or simply slip it into your side jans pocket. It’s a quicker way to access your items, and store them without subjecting them to damage.

Custom EDC Kits and Why You Need Them

If you’ve ever stopped short and thought, “Damn, I don’t have X on me,” you’ve already taken your first step to requiring an EDC kit of your very own. Depending on what tasks you carry out on a daily basis, there are a few items you can’t be caught without.

If you’re not sure where to start, we throw together some of our favorite EDC items into weekly kit editions. As time goes on, you’ll know what you need, what you like, and what you can do without, but the fact remains that you’re an EDC kit carrier now.

Our presets are designed for specific lifestyles and situations. If you’re out in the wild more often than your average bear, we recommend theBlue EditionEDC kit. If you’re in and out of tough-as-nails situations for work, there’s theTough Edition, and there’s even aVlogging Editionif you’re trying to be the next YouTube sensation.

How to Start Your Own Custom EDC Kit

Assess what you need, then take a look at a worst-case scenario. Start with our extensive guides on various EDC items, from tactical pens to multi-use pocket tools and beyond, and start compiling your custom kit today. If you’re always looking to add a new lineup orget the best gearbefore anyone else, subscribe to our newsletter. Ours is jam-packed, so you’re not getting a boatload of unnecessary emails - you’re just getting what you need.

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