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Published 8:50 PM

Minister Etta

From the streets to the church , Minister Etta has always been anointed and appointed for the gospel.

At a very tender age, God called minister Etta into preaching the gospel. He picked him up from the streets , washed him , cleaned him amidst his tragedies and demises and gave him a new life .

Lost his parents at a tender age and all he had to turn to was Christ .

Sometimes God puts us in storms so we get led to our purpose and calling

It is one thing to know how to sing and another thing to be anointed to sing . Minister Etta is anointed to win souls through music, lead people and teach them how to get connected with God via worship.

In that light, Minister Etta has been manifesting his gift for more than 10 years now. Going through all the sacrifices , being obedient to God and his mentors and proving him self worthy.

It is one thing to find our your purpose and a different thing to manifest it

He is a very successful singer. Has held concerts all over the nation, received awards , hosted shows.

" I organise a worship concert every year called ( we worship) . It's a concert which brings together talents in the gospel sector into an overflowing atmosphere of worship . "

Worship concert

He is also a song writer, and an instrumentalist .

Still, he is not satisfied and won't rest until he changes mindsets , grooms other artists and also elevate the Cameroon Gospel platform .

" There are a lot of untapped talents in Cameroon , even in our churches . The gospel platform is full of talents but no one ever knows them .

They barely have a place to showcase their talent or be exposed to the world . It is my vision to change that.

Our predecessors did not build the platform for us . All they were interested in was ; sell their album and make money. They barely cared what was going to happen to the future upcoming artists.

But that has to change too. We cameroonians should have our own voice , our own stand in music and create our own platform.

A platform where we can be able to express ourselves in our own unique ways without being westernized or trying to copy the Nigerian style .

Cameroonians do not know how to consume their own products or support their own. If you go to churches, if a worship song is not done in a foreign language, then it won't be appetizing to the Christians . This mentality has to stop.

We have to get to a level where , we enjoy our own worship songs , in our own language and embrace our own products .

Worship ministers should learn to use their own songs or their colleagues song for worship or ministration. This is how we will grow. "

Nonetheless, it is not been an easy journey but with God being the driver of his life, everything has fallen into place .

As we all know,

Nothing ever grows without rain

Minister Etta has had dark moments in his life but all that was to prune him into becoming the best version of himself. God doesn't just place you in the promise land , he pulls you from Egypt through the wilderness , then the promise land . It all takes a process .

So with his high level of experience, he advices other gospel artists both upcoming and established that ;

" I'll say as an artists, believe in your self . Don't wait for anybody to push you or elevate you, elevate your self .

Be your own motivator . Create your own platform , hold your own concerts , bring our your own events . No one will create a platform for you .

If you have the hitch in you that you want to make music for God . Then start . People will join you or add fuel but no one will push you . Be your own hero.

It is okay to have a Mentor but you have to first of all believe you can do it .

Also be creative . The platform needs creativity. Not just copy cats but people who are creative enough to bring something new to the table . To bring out new trends and be unique in their art. "

Notwithstanding, every talent was given for a purpose. And that purpose is to build the kingdom of God . What ever field or brand you choose, make sure you are manifesting it all to the glory of God .

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