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Christ T

If you call the name, then you know the game; Let’s go back to when it all started…

A hybrid from both the Egbe’s and Oben’s families in Manyu division (Mamfe), Egbe Terence Ebainso is a multi-talented Christian rap artist.

Christ T has quite an accomplishment. Added to music, he is an acclaimed teacher of Computer Science (ICT), Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. He is also a computer graphic designer.

While in Secondary school, he was drawn to secular artists, contrary to his Christian norms and doctrines;

”… When I heard rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, and M1 rap, I would develop chills…”

he says.

Unfortunately, the thug and drug life these rappers promoted in their music hindered him from expressing his love for the art.

It was a burning passion in his heart. Christ T wrote lyrics on every surface possible. Despite being a science student, he unconsciously respected the laws of the rhyme scheme in writing.

Is this talent or what?!

“I would literally freestyle on beats in the church as a kid…while praise and worship are going on. No one can hear me…except maybe God”

Christ T’s passion finally had a release when he encountered Apostle Lefor Divine in 2013 and became the first artist to sign under his record label, Wisdom Records.

Christ T recorded his first track, titled “Free Boy”.

From there, his journey professionally kicked off with his recording and releasing his first mixtape, “The Sages” Vol 1.

Volume 2 followed after that. Just like the first, it was also a mixed tape of both his music and those of other artists under the same record label.

Intent on moving forward, Christ T began performing in street events and other platforms, where he met other rappers like Bate Mone, Lp Lekingson, and G4.

It has been a forward and upward movement since then. Christ T recently married his sweetheart (2019).

The multi-talented rapper is also a lead Pastor of a church in Limbe, a branch under God’s Business Agency aka Wisdom Center Int’l.

Despite the lows in his path, Christ T remains optimistic. He is currently working on a new album titled “The Supernatural EP”.

It will be released come November 2020.

In addition to that, he is also on a national tour. He will be visiting churches in the SW, NW, Littoral, and Central regions of Cameroon.

For more updates on Christ T, follow on;


Twitter: Christ T the Rap P2

YouTube: Wisdom Records 237

Facebook: Christ T the Rap prophet

Well, it’s a good thing Christian rap is gaining global acceptance. Glory to God!

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