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Besong Nevers

He is single, Spirit-led, goal-oriented, and talented; he is Besong Nevers!

On August 7th, 1992, he was born the second child of six, to Mr. and Mrs. Bagam Paul Moses in Limbe.

Despite growing up a church kid, Besong was given to a few of life’s pleasures.
He was either in school, kicking a football in the field, cooking with his mom, or at the farm with his family.

He sure is a “family man”. It has been quite the journey with Besong Nevers;

“My Ministerial life is the most exciting part of my life because I have experienced God’s Grace and Mercy so bountifully”

He was first seduced by music at age 6 and he joined the church choir, under the leadership of his dad.

In 2006, he got enrolled in a music school in Yaounde, where he learned to play the piano. This was a good start for a music career.

However, in 2010, he got a prophetic word to “WAIT on God’s time” and immediately swapped.

All through his years in secondary school, he preached in revival programs and crusades.
In 2012 he enrolled for a 3-years program at the State University of Yaounde 1.

Graduating with a BSc in Bilingual Studies with options being French and English, he proceeded to Masters 1 but paused to pursue his destiny.

From 2014 to 2018, he served in the Apostolic church Bonas Yaounde as the choir leader. In a chat with him he said,

“God has been faithful, and we’ve gone around preaching and worshipping Jesus…”

He has successfully led his choir in hosting life-changing programs. They have also ministered to thousands of souls, healing and witnessing to them.

Despite his commitment to preaching and hosting revival crusades to multitudes, God had other plans for him. By divine direction, Besong left his home church to fully pursue his destiny.

After 10 years since receiving the prophetic word to “WAIT on God’s time”, Besong is finally hitting the studio, come October 2, 2020, to begin recording his own tracks. How cool is that!!!

** “I have no other desire than to see Jesus glorified…”**

It may be rare, but Besong is full of proof that patience is a virtue. More grease to your elbows brother, we await your songs.

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