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When you have passion, you become energized. You don't have to produce perseverance; it is naturally present in you.

In that light, it is good to know that, despite the slow growth of the Cameroonian gospel sector, we still have die-hearted people. People who are ready to press on until the day of victory .

Nevertheless, Omaka Bake Mokambe is one of those people who found their gifts, and are striving to make a difference in the world.

Born in Cameroon yet currently residing in the USA, has been in the gospel music industry for more than 4 years now.

" I have been in the music industry since 2015. My first official release was in 2016 titled “Feeling me” a song talking of the goodness of the lord.

Since then i have been actively releasing new songs. At the moment i have many products in the market

Further more, the main inspiration behind my songs comes from the holy spirit himself. He uses different circumstances to place messages in my spirit. My family and life itself do play a great role in inspiring me."

More so, passion can transform someone from average to excellent. Although the journey was or is not an easy one, Mokambe manouvered his way through.

"This platform as an artist has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

To know that I am doing one of the main things that God placed me on earth to do ( first is taking care of my family).

It really makes me a happy man.

It also has come with a lot of obstacles. First of all It requires a lot of time away from my loved ones, also there are so many moments of discouragements.

At the end of the day I stand tall because I know why am doing what I do. And also because of the people who live to see the next day because of the message the lord passes to them through my voice.

One thing I have learnt in this years is that.

Do not rush. It is not a competition. Its not about how many songs you do, not about how many awards you get. Stay focused and hear from the lord.

Nonetheless, a gospel artist,

It has not been easy mostly given the fact that Cameroon gospel music market is still at its very beginning in terms of consumption.

And also that the gospel industry consumes very little online product. From my location its hard to sell CDs to my actual audience.

So it makes things a little harder than it should be. But that’s okay. The main point is, we are putting in work to make tomorrow better for our generation and those coming after us.

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