Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
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Gone are the days where gospel as a whole was allocated only for the poor and the uneducated. The assertion that most Christians were lazy, unproductive and broke (Church rats), is a myth.

However, over the years, Christians have grown to debunk that myth and proven than Christianity is the best and preferred way of life and has nothing linked to one’s status.

Nevertheless, in the milieu of gospel music, unlike others; artists emerge out of purpose not fun. Gospel music is a channel used to spread the gospel of Christ. Here, it is either you are blessing lives or uplifting souls, there are no ulterior motives for it.

Particularly why, this young lady is someone to talk about. Aside from being a gospel artist and a worshiper, she is a master’s degree holder. She matches her passion and her career to further the advancement of the kingdom.

This goes further to explain that, talent is not enough. Prayer, fasting and dreaming is not enough.


I am Maifien Ankinimbom known as Ankini. I hail from Kom tribe. I am a PTSMIte or from PTSMI (PERFECTING THE SAINTS MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL). I work with our ministry’s record label called PTSMI MUSIC. I am a Master degree holder from Peterborough UK in International Business.

My life is sold to Jesus. He is the reason why I live and singing is my ministry to Him. I am inspired by the teachings of my father in the lord Sir Nyenti Eta Boris and most of my songs come from a place of prayer.

I have 2 songs released already. SPIRIT COME (Last year December and video in February this year) and now YOU ARE WALKING (Video on the 5th Sept)

No album yet. Just singles. An album comes next year but the singles are hitting the mark. Testimonies upon testimonies. People being healed, gaining favors etc

I love Sinach (aww she is amazing). I love Hill song; Jesus Culture and I also love Sir Kingsley of Bethel Atlanta worship team. I love many more and i look up to them as role models.

lastly, before i conclude this session, I will love to appreciate a few like Prosper Menko and Ronnel Valerie who made time for my recent video. Daddy D of GBA for Always sharing and advertising my work and a lot of great people who do music!

With this all I can say is Let the bond of unity stay strong. And my advise to the young ones is, send forth your hands to be held. It is great to be humble.

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