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Emma Gospel

In a recent interview with the talented worshiper Emma Gospel, he got to drill us about his career, his life and his ministry .

From his words, you will get to know that gospel music is not for fun or childs play but it is an art designed to win souls into the light kingdom.

However, although nothing good comes easy, for it takes sacrifice, hard work and total submission . Yet Emma makes us understand that, with the Grace of God backing you up, balance is attainable.

Interview in full

1) Who are you ( name , label, etc describe yourself )

Ntumbong Emmanuel "Emma Gospel " is a Cameroonian Urban Contemporary gospel musician and songwriter,worship leader, music director. Composed main song jingle used till date for National media houses like Media Afrique, CBS radio etc. Awarded best Cameroonian Artist by the Indian government Chennai community 2017.

Background info:
Born :July 24...
Origin:Nw region Bamenda Cameroon
Instruments :vocals,drums,piano,guitar
Years Active: 1999 …present date
Labels: Gospel Legacy, Infinite Gospel..Bento Records
Website: www.emmagospel.com

2) what's the inspiration behind your songs and why gospel.


The word gospel means "Good news" and everyone no matter how big or small needs Good news. Everyone needs Good news which is Gospel. Since everyone loves music I choose to bring the Gospel through Music.

Inspiration behind my songs:

I get inspired by how much of God's word I have in me. More of his word equal more inspiration. I also get inspired by the exposure to a wide range of listening to edifying songs, books and information which is also a vital source for inspiration.

3) names and titles of your song*\

  1. have you released any album yet? If yes, what's the album all about. And how is the success compared to your expectations.*

There are two ways any artist or musician can approach the entertainment or musical industry and gradually become successful or influential or build up a legacy or achieve fulfillment in he's or her Career

1.Song Releases

Some artist begin their careers with song releases and gradually become influential or gain success through these songs as their songs become popular or go viral.

Emma Gospel Ministering in India

2.Branding and Face value

While others start up with song releases, others begin with branding. That is, the building of their face value. Also, some artists gradually become influential and successful first before they think of song releases. Its a whole process which needs consistency, focus and determination coupled with doing the right things.

As our faces are different , so is our paths unto greatness. Its not all about following the crowd, but it's all about God's direction , his leading and understanding timing with purpose.

Emma Gospel Ministration

So I chose to begin my career with the branding process and building up of my face value and engaging more in live concerts, tours and performances, not the release of songs or albums. Fortunately, this path i chose has produced for me like crazy. This is because I have been able to breakout from Cameroon, Africa and God has helped me developed a huge fan base in other nations like

Emma Gospel in India

India, Dubai, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya. Am in at least 2 international trips and tours and live concerts every year across

Emma Gospel Receiving in Award in India

Cameroon. I had the first international appearance in 2007 at Akwa Ibom state, Uyo and Lagos Nigeria. I was privileged to minister for Rev..Dr Uma Ukpai , Dr Abel Damina etc along side Mama Mary Mandy who opened the first international door...

5) Any music role model?

I am diversified so I have drank from the oceans of Many great artist like Don Meon, Ron kenoly, Marvin sapp, Fred Hammond, Frank Edawrds, Sinach...etc..Am just a product of Many graces.

6) Any advice for the gospel artists?

Gospel Artist must gradually become what they sing. we must stop living contrary to what we say or sing (that you sing gospel is not a ticket or guarantee to heaven). We must learn to seek first God's kingdom and other things we are looking for would have no choice than to follow us..

We must give ourselves more to the word of God and to prayers because no man can give out what he doesn't have. The quality of what you give out is only determined by the quality of what you carry. you must be carrying something other than your vocal ability which is God's presence. His presence is the seal on all of your efforts.

Cameroonian gospel artist must become United. When we are in competition, we seek to explore the weaknesses of others. But when we are united, we seek to Extol the strength and value of them. We must also learn to Network."No one has it all"we must learn to get a bit of everyone and make it big. In networking don't look for those lesser than you, look for those who have equal strength or those that have more strength than you.


Gospel Artist must move from mediocrity into Excellence. Mediocrity is an abuse to redemption. Spirituality is not an excuse for non productivity. Its your non productivity that makes your Christianity unattractive. Build Value.

Many of us are gifted and anointed but have no value..."You are worth what your valued. To build value, you have to become Rare, to become Rare you have to Refine your gift.

Gospel Artist must Transit from I to A.


Stop talking about your dream. Act on it.

Its not all about Revelation, it's all about applied revelation. As an artists, you must inspect what u expect.

Nonetheless, few years from now i see Musical giants, houses, churches, icons and PATHFINDERS coming from Cameroon. Other countries, artist from all over the world will want to come to Cameroon and aspire to become like Cameroonians.

Emma Gospel #Commonholyghost, #highlychemical

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