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Dsaint Livingston

I'm Nditafon Daniel aka Dsaint Livingston is a Cameroon based hip hop/ spoken word artist and a final year medical student.

Born and raised in the northwest region of Cameroon, bamenda into a family of 5, Father is a pastor... so grew up in "his tenths".

Wasn't much of a music fan growing up though until high school when I first came across Lecrae and flame's music (just like and surrender)respective spark a love for rap music in me based on the truths they spoke as a youth in my teens I could relate too (and was around the same time I encountered Jesus).

From there I searched for more songs ,practiced them and started doing playbacks at churches, school events and parties.

2 years later, I started music professionally in 2017, with the release of my debut demo single *Not Afraid*.

Followed by *SWAG (Saved with amazing grace)* which has been a marked single in my carrier thus far, released more singles solo and featured in other projects both home and internationally with artists such as Zita Light ,Lekingson, Adriaan Jacob's (south africa), Chapitre Cinq, Gauixx Odt etc.

2019 i teamed up with a brother LP Lekingson to officially startup our music group/indie label *KitestoplanesMG* and so far drop more singles last year 2019.

Received 2 times nominations for Songwriter of the year and Spoken Word act of the year at the New breed Africa Celebrity Awards (Nbaca2019)

Performed at several music festivals, award shows and other events.

Started a clothing brand SWAG/Savedgang in collaboration with clothing line Agnosdeiapparels,

A movement birth from the 2017 single SWAG.

About a month ago I released my debut mixtape which is a compilation of all my released singles from 2017 - 2019 titled *Timeline 96* and a freestyle music video *Timeline*.

The year's still fresh as there's more in the bag coming, next month joint ep with My bro Gauixx ODT (yes you heard it first)

Mixtape is available online and all streaming platforms.

YouTube link


Fan link to other streaming sites


Connect with artist on links below

Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/​dsaintlivingston/

Facebook: https://www.​facebook.com/Dsaintlivingston

Twitter: https://twitter.com/​DSaintLivingst1

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