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BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 11:33 AM

Kevin Kay

A very dynamic, spirit-filled, worshipper of God, witty and a pretty handsome guy.

He is called Fru che Kevin, popularly known as Kevin Kay.

Kevin kay is a gospel Artist under Transformers Record and the vision bearer MOGMEDIA.

"I do continental music but i love worshiping God more. So i will say i don't tie to a specific brand of music . I do diverse types and brand of music."

The young guy is solely inspired by the Holy Spirit, whom he calls " My personal Person".

It is a norm that every gospel artist should be able to connect with the holy spirit so that they can bring down new melodies from heaven to earth.

That's why Kevin Kay's light is so bright. His relationship with the Holy Spirit and his dependency on him for inspiration and melody makes him stand out.

His songs are epic, they are unique and special. In his whole career, he has been able to release amazing songs which have stomped every platform and bombarded worshippers/churches and the market.

The songs are ;
1- I worship God
2 - spirit of the Lord
3- love song
4-Made of God
5- Saka Saka
6-Am a wonder

Hasn't released an album yet.

"im waiting for the appointed time and that time will be soon announced"

Notwithstanding, despite his talents, he still has the urge to grow and become the best version of his self. So has a role model who he looks up to.

"I Admire the life of every successful gospel artist but I love Frank Edward more . I have a feeling that we communicate spiritually somehow. I have met with him once and it was a great time together."

However, from experience and insight, Kevin kay has a word of knowledge for his fellow colleagues.

Here is my advice to gospel artists

if You really want to make it outstanding as an artist in the gospel milieu then you need a man of God to mentor you and give you a platform for projection.

I want gospel artist to understand that the only way to get to the top is via service. Genuine service, refuse to be paid 2500 FRS or 10000 FRS for singing better songs for free.

Let your sole purpose for singing be focused on blessing lives not the money. Nobody plants his mango seed and eat its fruits the same day. We don't arrive as gospel artist we grow.

Take time in building your Foundation, take instructions from your spiritual Father. And above all look for a job that will be able to sustain you.

You can't depend on music only. Time and patience are needed to develop the attitude of a public figure. You can't become Obama in one day.

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