Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 9:48 AM

It is one thing to say the concert was a blast but in reality, it was a huge lesson.

Not that the Cameroonian artists aren't good enough but in every successful story, we must pick out important lessons to better our lives and careers.

Therefore, if you observed the concert, you should have picked up these important lessons from the Nigerian artist.

  1. She's fun and energetic on stage: ministered for 2 hours plus in both buea and douala and no time was recorded when the audience slowed down. There was a great connection between the artist and her audience. From start to finish everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing along with her.
  2. She's strict : if Ada said she wanted something, then that is what she's getting. Was quite a handful for the organisers but it's the thing that made the event a success. In other words, the lady knows what she wants and aims at it. Nothing or anyone can stop her.
  3. She's organised: from her backup singers, to her songs and her stage performance , everything was in order . She plans well ahead of time which is one of the things that leads to her delivering a memorable performance.
  4. She's relatable : others could call that humble but the fact that she ministered to her fans under the rain, is something to clap for. Some people hoped the concert was going to stop when the rains started , but the rain was the best thing that happened to the concert. She still gave her fans a prolific performance and it was all so vibacious.
  5. She's professional and at the same time spiritual : prays as though she doesn't work and work as though she doesn't pray.

    Nonetheless, thumps up to the Cameroonian artists who performed along side , and to the organisers of the event. It was the first of its kind and we pray it isnt going to be the last.

    Lots of organisational errors made, so many people had complains to give, but we can't downplay the fact that, this very concert will go down memory lane.

    With the lessons learnt, we believe a lot will change in the Cameroonian gospel music sector . Eyes have been opened, attentions have been drawn and work has begun.


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