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BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 9:37 PM

Gospel artist Bukonge Terence, starts a journey to introduce people into the tasteful, deep, unconditional and endless love of God. And that is not all, he also strives to teach people the unsearchable things of Christ in his musical package titled " The Glorified series".

Bukonge Terence in his onw words, describes the pproject:

"The Glorified series is a project made up of a number of songs the Holy Ghost has given me for the past years. Most of the songs were written in my time of fellowship and Church services. Initially, the plan was to release the songs all in an album but I changed it because I wanted every song to be uniquely done and sent out at specific dates during the year so that people can take out time to digest the messages contained in each song.

I believe that the Gospel has not yet been preached because when and if it is preached people will begin to not fear death because death is not a must for all

The songs are contained in the project have been written and composed for one purpose, to bring men to the truth about the cross and worship the father in spirit and in truth

Some of the songs like Abba Pere what I just released will be in French so as to Bring in the French speaking peopleto have a taste of the Project. But the project is for the whole world, whether you are Muslim, Christian, and Atheist etc. The project is for everyone because God is in everyone out there but they don't know it.

The project will feature some Prominent Cameroonians Gospel artist too but will only be announce when the one comes."

NB: You can find the first song titled: Abba Pere, in the Music Library .

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