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BY Carine Ace
Published 6:04 PM

Tata-Mu's POV

I blink several times before opening my eyes with success. My vision clears gradually as I adjust
to the brightness of the sun's rays blinding my vision. I rise up a little, supporting my weight on my

I look around and notice I'm on my couch; my glass table is directly right in front of me,
separating me from my TV screen. I was back in my parlour. So Angett had been a dream?

The Ekangetti, the mission, being selected by the "gods"-that was all a dream... Whew! Relief floods my

insides and I let out a smile and collapse back on my couch, face up. So much for watching Netflix before sleeping.

Thinking about my dream I smiled at the thought of being seen as the "chosen one"; ha!

There was nothing "chosen" about me. Yes, I may be independent, strong-willed and stubborn, but there was
nothing special about that.

Turning to my left side, I stared at my TV, a crazy soap opera playing; it was
raining, and I watched a guy (my guess is, he's the male lead) whispering sweet nothings to a young
beautiful girl.

They hug each other and share a heart-warming kiss, the movie fading to the end. My eyes became misty and I wished I could have the same story.

As the end credits played out, I open my laptop to check my blog post. Although it was just yesterday that I made the post, my dream about Angett, Ekangetti and,

in fact the entire weird tribe,
made it seem like a whole life time. It feels good to be back to reality. The comments were quite

impressive, encouraging and supportive. I couldn't help but smile at the positive energy I deduced from

I checked and it was already after ten AM. Oops! Late for work; thank God for national quarantine, I get to work from home, something I've desired for while. I get up from my couch and make

my way to my bathroom. I take a quick shower, change into my shorts, crop-top and big jean shirt, then

return to my couch; A bowl of cereal in one hand, I quickly check my mails from work and respond to

those that needed responses. It isn't until my belly growled in complain that I realized I hadn't eaten

anything serious since the cereal in the morning. I check the time,it’s 4:00pm, geez! Thank God I'm a

free-lancer; I could take breaks whenever I wanted, as long as it was before my deadline. Taking a break
from work, I make my way to my kitchen to prepare lunch.

A hundred questions cross my mind as I stand by the gas cooker. Questions I was not sure I wanted answers to; Is this all about my life? Where am I heading too? I heave out in frustration. My life is

a routine: wake up, eat, work, sleep, watch TV and yes, blog-until recently. But I have this gnawing

feeling that there's something more. Something bigger, and better. God knows I do not want to be in the

same routine by the time I hit fifty. "God forbid!" That thought jerks me out of my wandering thoughts. I
focus on cooking my tomato beef sauce and dodo (fried ripe plantains). When it's done, I serve some

unto a plate and return to my couch.
I think I need to have a pep talk with dad, I thought. He always knew the right things to tell me.

I feel euphoric as sounds of our previous conversations echo through my mind; laughter, singing, story

telling and the father-daughter conversations we had late into the night. My eyes blur with tears and the

food turns sour in my mouth. It's been over a week since we last spoke; that was before the heart attack

that took him to the hospital. Mom had said he was getting better. I'll definitely call him tomorrow

I might even pay him a visit; after all weekends are holidays in the world. That said and done, I
returned to my blog, to make another blog post.

"Hello fam, it's your girl Tata-Mu and I'm back! So, I have gone through all your comments and trust me,
you guys are amazing! With such reaction, I might just keep writing for y'all. Lol.

Anyways, back to
Last night I had the weirdest dream...the images are a little still hazy in my mind's eye, but I'll try

communicate it to you...I found myself in a strange land, in a different century and guess what? They

called me the "chosen one, selected by their god". Me-"chosen one"-hahaha. It was the weirdest thing,

staring up at funny strange faces staring down at me. I swear it was the weirdest thing ever. I began to
freak out, almost screaming, then I saw HIM...I was-"

The abrupt sound of her ringtone breaks her concentration. Checking the caller's ID, she realizes it's from her sister, Soledad. Smiling at the phone, she answers the call.

"Hello, baby Sis. What's up?" Soledad's low tone communicated an emotion that she couldn't fathom.

"Uh Tee, this isn't a social call.We're all in the hospital..."There was a pause. Premonition mounts up in Tata-Mu's chest.

Forgetting that Soledad can't see her she nods, as if urging her to continue; an uneasy
feeling settles in the pit of her stomach.

"D-dad wants to see you...there's not much time left..."

To be continued...

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