Carine Ace
BY Carine Ace
Published 11:39 AM

"Hi. My name is "Tata-Mu",

which is my dad's mother-tongue for "My Father". I am twenty-nine years old and quarantined in my four-bedroom house; but aren't we all quarantined? (chuckles) Working from home, it's pretty much the same routine everyday; wake up early, work, eat, sleep, do more work, and eat again.

At the end of the day, I relax in front of my TV screen, with my cozy couch being my sole companion. When national lock down was decreed, I thought of ways to pass my leisure time- away from just “watching movies”.

My girls advised that I start a blog...I gave it some thought and BOOM. Here it is: ta-daaa! But first, a little background story about myself... I was born first to A family of seven-well, two families, actually. This is to say, I'm the first to my dad and two moms...confusing, right?

Let's go back to when it all started...

\ * * * * * *

Twenty-nine years ago, my dad met my mom in a hospital. He was a strapping young doctor who had just gotten his first posting to the town of Ekondo-Titi. Intelligent, handsome, smart and rich were enough qualities to lure my mother into his arms.

I was the(scratch that)-I am the product of that union. However, the fleeting romance ended when daddy was re-posted and he had to move away-with me, of course! It was quite a fight in court but mom didn't have the necessary connections...

I was five years old when dad and I moved from Ekondo-Titi to Bamenda. Long story short, dad got married and had six kids after me. You're probably waiting to read how boring and imperfect my life is, but on the contrary, it isn't: I'm single, I have a wonderful job, I'm rich (enough), I-have-total control over my life; my life is perfect!

What more can a girl ask for? After all, you only live once, right? With that, Tata-mu ended her first blog post and hit [Enter]...Seriously though,

"you only live once?" "what more could a girl ask for?" It seems life has something in store for our girl's ignorance...

To be continued...

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