Noella Epie
BY Noella Epie
Published 8:39 PM

‘I do not know what else to do so that people can see me for the person that I really am’ She said sadly.

Pauletta had a gotten pregnant when she was eighteen years old from a boy whose where about is not known.

Two years after she had her baby, she thinks people don’t see her (Pauletta) for who she is.

To her, all people see is a girl who got pregnant at 18, not a girl with skills and dreams and a life ahead of herself. She feels ‘Invisible’

Like Pauletta, many girls and maybe some boys find themselves in this ‘box of invisibility’

We battle with society’s definition of who we are and what we ought to be, the expectations of what girls/boys our age and maybe size have to be and become.

Most often, this is conflicting with the reality of who we are and who want to be.

Sometimes, people constantly tell us we don’t fit into a certain space and we are not enough.

The idea that we are not enough and so there is no room for us in certain places, the pressure to conform and fit in an environment sometimes smothers our dreams, our understanding of who we truly are, our ambitions and self confidence that we feel insecure and unworthy.

But if there is one thing, I have come to realize is that people’s definition of who they think we are should not be the last word because that is not our story.

More than ever before, I have come to believe in the power of telling our stories as individuals and how important it is for us to rewrite our stories as we live them because no one can tell our story better than us.

As they say ‘If we don’t tell our stories who will?’

The way I see it, we have two options; We can let society and its institutions tell our stories and define us in a way that is dis-empowering and a misrepresentation of who we are OR we can rewrite our stories, own it and live in the truth of our reality in a way that empowers us.

Whatever our choice will be, let us know that our stories and our voice is our power, let no one take that away from us.

We need to use our stories to create room for ourselves, rooms that are safe for us and recognize our flaws and our strengths, rooms that celebrate us.


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