Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 10:04 AM

The Song "On Air" carries a tone of appreciation of what the Gospel of Christ has been doing so far to the global church (Body of Christ) and how God is transiting and building up many believers around the globe who have received the word ,their Messenger, Prophet,Teacher or Pastor who came with a unique revelation of Christ for their transformation thereby causing a gradual change in the lives of many Christians.

👉🏽It is also an identification anthem for the church to express a satisfaction and pride in associating with the work of God given to our shepherds and to thank God for the various Men of God who are taking it upon themselves to raise souls for the kingdom that will cause change in our world today.

👉🏽For this reason the chorus goes thus "See as born-again don di crawl, Am on air, Man wey be di crawl now di walk,Am on air, Man we be di walk now di run,Am on air, Man wey be di run now di fly on the Word ,Am on air .

It's a cry for us as Christians to continue the growth and transformation process in our walk with Christ, and particularly with the Holy Spirit as regards our assignment to the body of Christ,to our local church and also a call to build up ourselves for a greater task ahead that we as the church will run with.

Many people encountered the gospel in their low moments and after becoming born again the changes are enormous .
Such a metamorphosis by the power of the Word is that which powered the reason behind the inspiration of this song "On Air" where Christ T The Rap Prophet appreciates God for such change in levels.

As for me am " On Air" , divinely connected to the frequency of God and I desire to remain connected no matter what. Finally it's lyrics meddle between pidgin ,English , and French to display the diversity of Languages used in my country of origin Cameroon. I am Christ T The Rap Prophet.

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