Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 11:19 AM

Evangelist Blessing Obas Orobosa, who also goes by the artist name, Blessing Oro, is a Gospel music minister and actress who has strong passion for the service of God, especially in the deployment of her talents for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

The song “He Answer Me” was first released over a year ago from her catalogs of songs. It is a song that chronicles the ever available and ever reaching faithfulness of God in our time of need.

She’s a mother of two wonderful kids and happily married.

Watch video below;




Eh eh eh

Any time I call your name

You dey answer me oo,

Oh oh na true Oh

You dey answer me oh 2x

Any time I call papa He dey answer me oo,

Oh oh na true oh

You dey answer me oh


You give me life,

You give me joy,

You give me hope,

You give me peace,

You turn my life around

And You gave my life a meaning,

You turn my mourning into dancing eh

Na true o You dey answer me ehh

You no dey fail

You no dey lie

Jehovah shammar ohh

Back to (chorus) 3x


I call you in the morning

You answer me eh,

I call you in the noon time

You answer me eh

I call you in the night eh

You answer me eh

Anytime I call you,

You no dey give me excuse eh,

Whenever I call you,

You no dey play me wayo

I never see I never see eh

This kind God before

Oh Oh Jehovah answer me ooh.

Repeat (chorus) 3x


This GOD is too good oh

Anytime i call am, He dey answer me

He do every thing wey i ask am,

You went out and came back alive

You slept and woke up is not by your power

Its not by your might but by His Mercy and His Grace upon us,

If you know GOD has done it for you, join me to sing this song eh

Every time i dey pray to GOD

Wetin i ask, He do for me eh,

Oh Oh na true oh

You dey answer me oh,

Everyday He butter my bread everyday

He dey sugar my tea eh,

Oh Oh na true oh

You dey answer me oh,

You carry me jeje

You lift me up

You put me for back make I no fall oh,

Oh Oh na true oh

You dey answer me oohh,

Oya busoweh

Oya bugidown



Oh Oh na true oh

You dey answer me oh,


Oya gbeun soke


Oya dancya dancya dancya dancya

Oh Oh na true oh

You dey answer me oh

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