Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 11:58 AM

(Phone ringing...)Silence...
Thierry is calling, but I won't answer. I don't even want to talk to him, especially not now! You probably think I'm heartless; before you judge, let me take you to when it all started...

3 years ago, on the 10th of June, my very first boyfriend, Mike, had a birthday. Poor boy, he couldn't even afford 3 square meals; so I surprised him with a brand new and furnished bungalow, painted with his favorite color. I took him up with his eyes closed. He was so anxious, when I opened his eyes, he ran for the switch. Unfortunately, he tripped over an exposed cable, got shocked and died on the spot. The experience was so painful, I decided to never date again.

6 months later, I met Sly. He reminded me so much of Mike because of his dimples. Gawd, I was falling in love again. Sly, however, had wealthy parents, and he wore earrings. 3 months later, his birthday arrived and I really wanted to avoid the incident with Mike. So I bought him a brand new hummer limo and inscribed his name on the number plate. The day finally arrived, with heavy rain. Sly couldn't wait to see the "gift"; he insisted and we drove there. Upon arrival, lightning struck his earring and killed him-in my "gift". Paparazzi was everywhere but thanks to dad's societal status, I got off.

I mourned Sly for 9 months. The first day I decided to go out after the experience with Sly, I met Pharell. We became fast friends, which soon developed to love. However, he was asthmatic and thus allergic to shock and surprises. Few months later, he told me of his upcoming birthday. What could I possibly give to the first and only child of a wealthy parents?...I decided to give Pharell my most "precious jewel". So, when we got to his room on his birthday, I undressed and said, "For all my love, I give you all of me". Pride and happiness registered on his face. Walking towards me, he suddenly gripped his chest and struggled to say "My love, I will always--lo-ve---yo--" and he died of shock; in my naked arms.

I had lost 3 guys in 3 straight years on the 10th of 3 different months!!!

Now you know why I can't pick Thierry's call; That's because today is his birthday, and I know he hates being kept waiting; but I don't have a choice. I hope you'll join me 5 days later, when I explain things to Thierry... that's if he doesn't DIE of anger...

#Inspired by AmohEmicecil#

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