Loretha Asakwa
BY Loretha Asakwa
Published 8:14 AM

Your life is the Bible, many people will read. It is either you are repping Christ well and showing off your identity in style or you are not.

In this part of the world, some people have chosen to represent the enjoyment, fun-filled, ever blazing, Royalty, rich and a peaceful God.

A God who worked for 6 days and rested on 7th day. A God whom after all the work still found time to rest, relax and celebrate his progress and results so far.

Chop life geng

RoyalFlex as the Convener; Emmanuel Nganyu calls it, was/is an arena where Christ ambassadors from all works of life could come and relax, have fun, bask in good gospel music, laugh, meet new friends and just enjoy everything God has given to them throughout the year.

Emmanuel Nganyu

The event brought so much bliss as it was a platform for the Cameroonian gospel artists (H-one, Rochie osvalin, mama mary mandy, Prosper menko, Emma gospel, Senior pastor etc) to showcase their talents to a much new audience and also provided the audience who have been stuck up during the year to just relax and embrace life in all its forms.

Chop Life gang

Problem no di finish ( a popular slogan on social media) But for RoyalFlex, " Enjoyment no do finish".

In spite of the fact that it was its first edition, the event recorded tremendous success.

Selling tickets at a Million FRS and the tables were all filled, is an ice breaker for the gospel music industry.

From the MC's to the guest and the artists, everyone was beautifully dressed. The glam, the glamour was on point. The decor, the hall, the music was beyond and above the "normal". It was amazing.

The downside of the event? Timing. Time wasn't respected. but hopefully, the second edition will be better.

Yes, there is a second edition. RoyalFlex has come to stay and they are telling us to chop life for a living.

If you missed this edition, follow their social media pages to keep your self updated with the next programs.


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