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In that light, new knowledge begets heavy tasks, for to whom more is given, more is required. Hence , participants are expected to reign in their various domains after attending such a conference.

And as Emma gospel (the host) puts it, the conference was aimed at elevating worshipers into their predestined heights of glory.

As Cameroonian gospel artists, Christian acts , worshipers (dancers, writers, bloggers, spoken word artists, comedians , entertainers, athletes, workers, business guru's etc) have come a long way , but we are yet to meet our aspiring results .

So the conference brought together teachers and every other person to help identify our problem and teach on a plethora of solutions.

Topics taught include; branding as a gospel minister , maintaining focus in minister , purpose / vision, honor, spirituality , relationship , running a musical band, voice training , ministration guides etc.

In tidbits,

Rev Etta gave the

difference between gospel and Christian music .
Gospel music : any song with ethical lyrics

Christian music : Christ centered music , it's written about him and sung to him, it must carry Jesus name and the beliefs of Jesus .

Rev Gabiga taught onPurposeand he said :

Purpose is not what you were born to be; rather it is what you do with what
you become that is purpose fulfillment.
Pilate was born to save a king but he
cowardly backed off.

Great heights are not attained and maintained by being passionate about the
vision but being passionate about the purpose.**
When vision become stronger than purpose, ambition is born

Brian Aboringong on song writing
The anatomy of a song (Song Structure)

Knowledge of the various parts of a song and their functions greatly helps in writing your own song.

There are several parts to a song, although every song must not contain ALL these elements.

The Verse
The Chorus
The Bridge
The Hook
Most songs sung today will have one of several structures
The Chorus-Only format
The Verse Only Format
The Verse and Chorus format
The Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus format
The Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge


The teachings were mind blowing and it enthralled the audience, as everyone apparently went home satisfied and impacted.

And oh, there was an explosive all night concert. Tagged : Spirit to Spirit

The songs were very original and creative. The ministers exposed their very original shade, as most of them sang their own songs and that of their pals.

A sign to show, we are getting to where we are aiming at. That is, a concert where our artists didn't bring their Nigerian cousins (songs) to the event.

It was pure , original and sophisticated. The worship was on another level. We experienced a shift in the atmosphere , the Holy ghost was present. The whole place was set ablaze with the glory of God.

Further more, as per the organisation , MadeofGod tv was on that desk so there can hardly be any criticism (lol sigh , I don't care lol) .

Nonetheless everything was superbly done, but it's okay to drop a suggestion or a critic in the comment section.

Certificates were awarded for registered participants along side a designed mug .

The Conference was tagged ; I am Totally original.

Aimed to the inscribe in the hearts of worshipers that , they are unique and perfectly made to abide in their calling and walk in their own lane.

No one can ever be like you, because you are God's very own masterpiece .

For more pictures and videos pls visit the National Worship Leaders conference page on Facebook

Or YouTube: MadeofGod tv

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